Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Thick Film Substrate Manufacturing Services

At CMS Circuit Solutions, we provide accurate, reliable, and cost effective solutions for custom thick film substrate manufacturing. We use the newest available technologies for precision screen printing conductive, resistive, and insulating pastes and fusing them at high temperatures onto a ceramic substrate. We manufacture thick film substrates with multiple layers and ceramic vias that can be coated or filled with various conductive materials. Using screen printing technology, we can produce 0.004” lines with 0.004” spacing, and for applications where tighter spacing is required, we can etch line widths of 0.001” with 0.001” spacing. Our standard substrate materials include alumina, aluminum nitride, and beryllium oxide as well as sapphire and ferrite.

General Capabilities

Etched Thick Film Circuits

Thick Film Screen Printed Materials on Ceramic

This technology is used in demanding applications where long life, thermal endurance, mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, high density electrical interconnection, low dielectric losses, etc., are needed. Click here for more info.

Etched Thick Film Circuits

Etched Thick Film Substrates

For product with much tighter spacing requirements, etched thick film substrates are the best solution and are more cost effective. Click here to find out if our etched substrates are the right choice for your needs.

Multilayer Thick Film Circuits

Multilayer Thick Film Screen Printed Substrates

These substrates consist of screen printed conductor layers, separated by dielectric layers, which can be interconnected by vias. This allows high density interconnection. Click here for more info.

Custom/Specialty Thick Film Applications

Custom/Specialty Thick Film Applications

When standard thick film processes aren’t able to work with a design, multiple processes can be incorporated to achieve strict design requirements. Click here to check out some of our special features.

In house Custom Design & Cad Layout to Customer Specifications and Approval

Conductor printing

Printed lines down to 4 mil (0.004 inches) in width with 4 mil spaces

Conductor Materials

  • Gold & solderable gold
  • Silver, palladium silver, & platinum silver
  • Specialty materials for printed circuit boards etc

Thru-hole filling

  • Gold and Silver and various alloys
  • Holes may be coated or filled
  • Hole diameters down to 4 mils in 10 mil thick material (Larger holes are required for thicker materials)

Etched Fine Lines

Lines and spaces to 1 mil


  • Multilayer
  • Crossover
  • Over-glaze


  • Less than an ohm to gig ohms per square
  • Resistors may be over-glazed if required
  • As fired tolerance +/- 20%
  • Laser trimmable to less than 1%


  • 1 pf (picofarad) to greater than 1000 pf depending on K (dielectric constant)
  • As-fired capacitance: +/- 30%

Typical materials

  • Alumina 96% 99.6%
  • Aluminum Nitride
  • Beryllium Oxide
  • Sapphire
  • Ferrite

Independent Outside Service

  • Net Testing
  • Resistor laser trimming
  • Laser scribing
  • Ceramic diamond saw cutting
  • Wire bond evaluation

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