What is thick film? Latest Secrets on High-Reliability Circuits Revealed!

what are thick film circuit boards? custom made circuit boards

What is thick film all about? Why should I design it into my system? To get started on what thick film technology is, CMS Circuit Solutions has developed two detailed technical white papers that anyone can read!

Thick film circuits are one of the earliest manufacturing methods for implementing high-reliability microelectronic circuits onto substrates. Thick film is advantageous in circuits that require multiple layers, and it is the best option for electrical conductivity using precious metal conductors.
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The Essentials of Thick Film Technology

Ceramic substrates are necessary to achieve the best thermal conductivity levels for applications that need to survive wide operating temperatures. Thick film is the #1 best technology for wire bonding applications, not to mention high temperature brazing, soldering, and many other assembly advantages.
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The Advantages of Substrate Materials

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